My Color Street Journey

I swore I was never going to be that girl…. That girl that got into direct sales, the girl that would post 10 billion times a day on social media about her products, the girl who, at first glance on her Facebook page, had nothing else to post BUT her business, the girl who became super pushy on her “friends” to buy this and join that.


I became that girl…. Not totally, but I still did in some aspect. I got into direct sales on a whim and started working my business. I try to limit my business posts on social media (you’re welcome friends), and I’m not a fan of constantly messaging someone about the business opportunities. I will, but not so much where it feels like it’s being shoved down your throats (again, you’re welcome haha).


So how did it happen? How was someone as stubborn as I am decide to just do it?


My First Introduction


I first used Color Street about 3-4 months before becoming a Stylist. My friend (who later became my sponsor) started selling them. And even though I was skeptical about certain direct sale companies, I still tried to support my friends any way I could.

So I made my first purchase… and it was a huge one (not that picture above, believe it or not I have SOME self control haha). I didn’t try a sample before I made a purchase, I just hoped for the best. And I like variety so I couldn’t buy just one! As you can probably tell, I was hooked.


Seriously A Life Changer!


I personally liked Color Street because of the no mess and no dry time.   I had a very demanding full time job and had a side business where I did (and still do) hand lettering. My business Instagram blew up from my lettering videos, and I cringed when my nails were not the prettiest. But with little personal time that I had, I didn’t have the time to wait for them to dry. I resorted to painting them for looks, having them smudge while filming, and taking it off right after.


Oh, and I had to deal with my husband constantly complaining about the nail polish smell, haha. I couldn’t do my nails professionally because I grew an allergy to “fake” nails and thought gel polish/dip powder just cost way too much.


Becoming A Stylist


I ended up spending so much on nail strips! My friend messaged me saying I could’ve earned commission on my purchases alone. I wasn’t interested at the time and felt bad saying no, so I just didn’t reply (Sorry Lisa!). But with that message, she definitely planted that seed in my head.


A few months after, I decided to quit my full time job. I wasn’t fulfilled, and my Etsy business started to pick up. I’m not a big on taking risks, so it was such an emotional and stressful time for me. I worried about making my side hustle a full time gig and no longer having a second business for extra income. And as silly as it sounds, I worried about days those slow days where I would sit around the house with nothing to do and getting too much in my head.


So out of curiosity, I messaged my sponsor asking what it means to be a Stylist. I just wanted information at the moment, and ended up signing up that same day! To this day, I can’t pinpoint exactly what sold me. Maybe it was because I trusted my sponsor. It also could be that $129 was one of the lowest costs I’ve seen to start up a business. Heck, maybe I did it just to get the 10 sets that came with a kit and get money back on my purchases. Anyhow, I’m just glad I did!


My Journey


I’ll be honest, I’ve had a slow start. You know those people that start a new venture and immediately take off? Yeah, I’m not one of them. But I stayed consistent, stayed passionate, and slowly grew my clientele. I do have slow times and struggles (a lot more than it shows), but it is all so worth it! Connecting with people, being a part of an amazing team, and getting paid for selling nail polish strips. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! And my journey is still young! I know I have a lot more milestones to reach and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Want to learn more? Feel free to join my VIP Facebook Group!

Thank you for reading!  I’ll catch you in my next post!

XO, Crystal


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