My Self Care Routine

I know most of you are tired of hearing the phrase “New year, new me”… So I won’t say it! Haha But I will say this… I plan to devote more time to myself and taking care of ME. This means practicing more self care!


This is what I personally do, and it can vary between everyone else! However, this is a good place to start and you can tweak it up as you go!



  1. Eliminate screen time

When I need to clear my head and get some peace, I turn off all the electronics that I can. This means shutting my laptop, turning off the TV, and putting my phone on silent and far away from me. I find myself getting too distracted with social media, and getting constant screen time makes me feel a little dizzy. It’s amazing how freeing it is to give yourself a break from it all!


  1. Take nice warm & relaxing bath

This works WONDERS! It feels so nice to step into a bath and relax; I feel all my worries wash away! My bath consists of a bath bomb, bath salts, something to make bubbles, and aromatherapy foam bath from Bath & Body Works. The aroma from that is a MUST for me! I can’t have a bath without it!

Bath Bomb: Bubble Island Bath Treat LLC | Bubble Scoop: StormMaker Soapworks | Bath Salts: Beets & Apples | Face Mask: Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay | Aromatherapy Foam Bath: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy



  1. Exfoliate

You can choose to focus just on your face or your whole body! I do both when I need some extra pampering! Oddly enough, my favorite exfoliates are coffee scented! Is it obvious I love coffee? Haha… The coffee scent really does pick me up and make me feel so energized! I like the Coffee Body Scrub from Bath & Body Works (which they don’t have anymore, unfortunately) and the Coconut & Coffee Scrub (for my face) from St Ives.


  1. Face Masks

I personally like to do face masks once a week! I can really see the difference when I happen to miss a week. I choose a different mask for each season. For example, winter dries out my skin so I like to use the Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. In the summer I like to use Lush’s Mask Of MagnaMinty because it just feels so refreshing… And it smells  so darn good! I also like to use Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores every now and then to change things up! I just started to try different sheet masks, so I may need to do a future blog post about that… *hint hint*


  1. Choose a relaxing activity!

This will definitely vary per person. I personally like to read or do puzzles! I know, it sounds so boring… But when I feel overwhelmed, I like to immerse myself into another world, whether it be a story or the scene in a puzzle! If I decide to sit on the couch and binge a show, I can still drift back to my mile long to do list. I learned that if I keep my mind busy, I don’t have much time to really worry about what’s going on.

Book: Girl, Stop Apologizing-Rachel Hollis




  1. Get some fresh air!

When it’s nice and warm out, taking a walk works WONDERS for me! When I get my little waves of depression, taking long walks helps me diffuse my emotions and clears my mind. Unfortunately, I’m writing this during the winter so walks are pretty limited. I stand outside for a brief minute (in full winter weather gear) to just breathe in some fresh air, or I treat my daily walk to the mailbox as getting some fresh air!


As you can tell, I keep my self care routine pretty simple. Again, this can vary per person, so feel free to make adjustments based on your preferences!


Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll catch you in my next post!


XO, Crystal




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